Monday, August 27, 2012

The Dude Imbibes

Brother Todd, artist-in-residence at the Dallas, TX graphic arts firm, 3008 (and fellow Coen Bros fan), has shared some details on his design process. 

The response to Todd's recent poster of the Dude was very positive. He did get some constructive comments, so he set out to make improvements before going final with the poster version. Here is a little photo essay on how Todd created his latest masterwork

The first attempt really captures the idea, man

Todd and I have a younger brother, Kyle, who bears a striking resemblance to the character Jeff Bridges portrays in The Big Lebowski. So striking, in fact, that when I posted the above poster on Facebook, crediting Todd and "tagging" Kyle, our mother apparently thought that I uploaded a photo Todd had taken of Kyle. This image really captures the spirit of the Dude, thoroughly enjoying a White Russian in the morning sun.

The photo that started it all

Todd's poster was not really a picture of our brother Kyle, as believable as that might be to anyone who knows our bro. Kyle's dudeness may have inspired Todd to make the poster in the first place, but the actual genesis of the image we see in the poster was this photo of Jeff Bridges in character as Jeffrey Lebowski, The Dude.

Lots of people want to be, like, the Dude, man

Of course, there are Big Lebowski fans and Dude wanna-bes everywhere! The fellow in the photo above is neither Kyle nor Jeff, but a local DC-area man who also bears a striking resemblance. This photo was taken at a counter-protest when the Westboro Baptist (not) Church (not) appeared at Arlington National Cemetery. I've seen the same guy or his twin at the annual Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse Dude Fest--but that's, like, another story, man.

The likeness is, um, unCANny 

Those of you who are fans of the movie will recognize the above still.  Look closely. Todd has painted our brother Kyle's face on Jeff Bridges' body. Dude needs some TP, man....

The rug in the background really ties the poster together, man

Ladies and gentlemen, have a look at the poster, Version 2.0. This little gem will make any fan of The Big Lebowski a very happy camper. When printed on 24x36 glossy poster stock, and signed by the artist in the corner, it should fetch a nice price. I think Todd should sell posters, don't you? Would you buy one? How about one for yourself and another one as a gift for your favorite fan?

The Big Lebowski Mash-Up

Ladies and gentlemen, that's not all. Todd's really on a roll. He has also created this impressive mash-up of stills and quotes from the movie. I think it's better than any studio-produced poster I have ever seen. The Dude is blissfully happy in the midst of all the madness and quirkiness that surrounds him. I not only want that poster framed in my house, I want to be the Dude!

But wait! There's more!

Just kidding...

There is already more than enough.

Just kidding, there is more. One more. One more for you punsters (you know who you are!) Enjoy!

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