Monday, August 6, 2012

Greetings from the Broken Spoke!

This logo applies to the Broken Spoke Saloon, located in Sturgis. The Broken Spoke also operates a very nice campground just outside of town. I've posted the layout elsewhere. The main attraction of the Broken Spoke campground is the in-ground pool, tiki bars, hot tubs, hot showers, and ceramic commodes.

Of course I also like the big stage for nightly stage shows that are free for campers. Unlike the Buffalo Chip, which caters to a Harley-heavy clientele. the Spoke is more open--and I like that, too. The breakfast buffet is OK, not much different from what one would expect, chow for 1,000. Possibly the coolest thing though, was riding my bike RIGHT THROUGH THE BAR! Yep, when entering the campground, you have the option of riding to the short side of the barn-like bar, through the hanging air curtain, right along the long back bar, and out through the wide front double door! Awesome!

My home away from home in the foreground, 
and the bare butt of Bear Butte in full view to the rear. 

A more respectable (and more respectful) view of Bear Butte

Lots of buffalo in South Dakota