Friday, November 29, 2013

My Harry Potter Character? Sirius Black, the Inventor

Here is another creative addition to the MBTI series of posts! I enjoy these immensely.

I stumbled upon this infographic / fandom chart here at Geeks are Sexy:

My MBTI profile of ENTP matches me to Sirus Black. Great character, by which I mean, sexy, and great write-up, by which I mean flattering.

Using the clue posted prominently in lower right-hand corner of the chart Geeks are Sexy, I discovered a reference to the original work here at Tumblr:

Interestingly, the original poster (Emily) has a different alignment of characters to MBTI types. Under this author's estimation, as an ENTP I should be aligned with Fred and George Weasley.

Now I am not as fond of the Weasley twins, as I am not much of a mischievous prankster. I do not quite agree with the write-up in this referenced version, either. Playful, maybe, but I am usually more serious minded and I am a horrible liar.

It appears that Geeks are Sexy kept the concept and the character artwork by Makani, but developed new text which I believe, at least in the case of ENTP, to be superior.

Here is what Emily did with Sirus Black in her original:

Both authors have used the original concept, artwork, and fonts, but notice how the image of Sirus has been flipped in the subsequent Geeks are Sexy edition.

I suppose the bottom line to all of this is caveat emptor. 

Emily, author of the Blasphemmy [sic] blog on Tumblr, has created many more of these "Who Are You?" MBTI fandom charts. See the collection here:

Search this blog for more MBTI charts using the search phrase, "MBTI."

Monday, November 25, 2013

Final MOnday MOrning MOvember MOustasche MOment of 2013

Day 25 and feeling pretty good about it. Obviously! I look like the Cheshire Cat, only without teeth and with fewer whiskers. LOL. Adding to the embarrassment: I took the picture myself!

Well, this is the Final MO MO MO MO MO of MOvember 2013. As this year's campaign draws to an end, I want to say THANK YOU to all the people who have raise awareness about Men's Health issues--either by raising a moustasche, or by simply starting a conversation with someone who has avoided the doctor's office for too long. Thanks to MO Bros and MO Sistas, my Just Twist It Teammates, and friends and family for helping to make a difference! 

Proud to be part of the Washington DC MOvember Network, which together has raised over $500K to support research, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling. Outstanding!

Thanksgiving is nearly here and hopefully we will all be pleasantly distracted. So, if you have been waiting for the last minute to drop some coin in the MOvember kitty, why not do it right now? It's easy, and you'll feel good about yourself. And maybe I'll feel a little less ridiculous about this wispy 25-day old Foam Filter.


Further information
DC Network Page:
Team "Just Twist It" Page:
My Personal "Foam Fan" Page:

Which Wine Am I? Che Syrah, Shiraz

Does your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator correctly predict the type of wine that suits you best?

Most readers are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a popular interpretation of Jungian psychology that helps explain a person's personality in terms of individual preferences. The figure above illustrates the four elements which define 16 personality types. Most readers probably also know their individual MBTI profile.

The VinoLovers have added another twist on the MBTI. Their beautiful online catalog sorts the world of wine into 16 types. These types are then paired with the most appropriate Myers-Briggs types based on common personality indicators.

I agree with the write-up for my Myers-Briggs type, ENTP, and I do like Shiraz / Syrah. However, if we were to run this experiment the opposite way and choose personality type by preferred wine, I would be a Malbec-loving ISTP!

Why doesn't it work both ways? LOL

"If your life were a movie, would anyone watch?"

Monday, November 18, 2013

L.I.N.K.S. that Lure, Intrigue, Nurture, Kindle, or Stimulate #6: Life Force

L.I.N.K.S. that Lure, Intrigue, Nurture, Kindle, or Stimulate, Part 6, in which we contemplate


1. We are (recycled) stardust. The atoms in our bodies are composed of elements like carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen which were created in exploding stars. The atoms in your left hand may have come from a different star than the atoms in your right hand.

2. The science around evolution and the origin of species is all but settled. The essential enduring mystery in the science of life's origins centers around questions like these: Where did the first material come from? And what force lit the very first spark? Recent discoveries about RNA offer clues about the (spontaneous?) origins of Life.

3. Our bodies are only 10% human. The human body consists of roughly 100 trillion cells, of which only 10 trillion contain human DNA. The rest are mostly bacteria in the gut and on the skin. The micro-biome of our bodies contains hundreds of bacteria species. The colony that thrives on your tongue seems foreign to the colony that thrives a "continent" away on the roof of your mouth. We are not only recycled stardust carrying the physical and spiritual evidence of life's first spark, but, to literally trillions of single-celled animals, we are the embodiment of a mysterious and symbiotic Universe.

4. We sentient beings know that there is but one way out of this game called life. We struggle to survive for a variety of reasons--your reasons may be different from mine. The animal kingdom is ruled by survival instincts, and all creatures instinctively fight, or flee to fight another day, while hopefully existing long enough to pass genes to the next generation. In nature, there comes a moment when a mighty moose accepts its role--as food for the pack of hungry wolves. Life is not about winners and losers but about balance and acceptance, and finding and fulfilling your purpose as best as you are able.

5. Animals with big brains are not the only living things filled with life force. Survival instincts occur in plants, too. When temperatures drop and the ground begins to freeze, the carrot pulls its sugars to center. Some cooks prize these cold-tempered carrots for their delicious sweetness--even deliberately subjecting carrots to freezing temperatures right before harvesting them. Did you realize that when you bite into the resulting sweetness, you are tasting that carrot's attempt to survive?

Collections of Stardust. The Spark of Life. Symbiotic relationships. Balance and acceptance. The will to survive. My motive for tying all of these seemingly disparate LIFE FORCE links together? In a word, cancer. Do you have cancer, or do you know someone close to you who has cancer? Odds are, everyone reading this post knows someone who has some firsthand experience with this horrid disease.

Walk with me:
  • Cancer patients are composed of stardust--just as are their tumors. Cancer is harmful but it is not unnatural. It is part of life.
  • Cancer patients are filled with a mysterious life force--so too are wolves, carrots, and tumors. We do not know where the tumors come from, or how to prevent them taking up residence in people we love. But we do know why tumors persist, and what happens if they are not defeated.
  • Like all of us, cancer patients host many non-human creatures--a soup can's worth of bacteria, mostly in our digestive tract. Unlike the mutually beneficial arrangement we have with most of our parasites, tumors are unwelcome invaders.
  • The life force compels us (and our parasites--beneficial, or otherwise) to accept uncertainty. In a world of predators and prey, of the survival of the fittest, of the ultimate stakes, there are some pitched battles. A pack of cunning wolves can forcibly bring a mighty moose to the moment when that moose stops struggling and accepts its fate. Similarly, the cancer patient, his medical team, his family and friends, and a global network of Prayer Warriors fighting back as a team can force a tumor to succumb.
  • Like sweet, cold-harvested carrots, tumors try to survive by adapting to their environment. Some tumors are especially good at adapting. This is to be expected and even respected. What to do? Find a way to win. If necessary, make a way to win. 
The LIFE FORCE is mysterious. We are made to struggle. We have no choice but to fight. The way we humans look at the world may not be the only way. What makes one particular collection of space debris more important than another? What does God look like to the bacteria in your gut? Go. Fight. Win. What else is there?

Here are links to previous entries in the L.I.N.K.S. series. Enjoy them and feel free to suggest a theme for the next edition, L.I.N.K.S. 7. Comments always welcome!

MOnday MOrning MOvember MOustasche MOment: Day 18

Getting there...

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Monday, November 11, 2013

"Unity in Remembrance"

A Veteran's Day message
by Dr. Thomas Conner,
William P. Harris Professor of Military History,
Hillsdale College

"Soldiers seem to understand with special clarity what this inherited standard of service and performance is.... A century and a half ago, Union soldier Sullivan Ballou, in trying to explain to his wife why he had decided to join the ranks and put at peril what he knew would be a blissful life with her, recalled 'how great a debt we owe to those who went before us through the blood and suffering of the Revolution.'" 

Check Hillsdale College and "Imprimis" on the web - I think you'd enjoy.


Monday, November 4, 2013

MOnday MOrning MOvember MOment

Generation MO is springing up everywhere. We are swift, we are silent, and we are HAIRY (or getting there, one unshaven day at a time)!

Raise a moustache (or support someone who is) and let's all raise awareness about men's health issues

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we're referring specifically to health "issues" that are of concern to men. In particular (and I hope this isn't too much information for some readers) but in particular, we are talking about issues with a man's plumbing. Some of you are still unclear. OK, don't make me go all biological and start naming parts and stuff!

MOvember is a fun way to raise funds for research, prevention, diagnosis, counseling, treatment, and patient care for men dealing with testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and depression. Please encourage the men in your life to check what they can (testicular self-exam) and get help with the rest (the prostate is, um, harder to get to). 

Early detection by competent doctors well-versed in the latest research and operating in state-of-the-art facilities. That's what I had. Yes, I am lucky. And yes, that is why I am participating in MOvember for the 3rd year in a row. Because no one should have to rely on luck to survive cancer.

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