Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cause - The PhilanthroPub

Here is an idea I can really get behind: a not-for-profit pub!

The concept is simple and brilliant. Patrons come to the pub and have a good time. Then all the net profits are donated to vetted charities. If nothing else, patrons will feel a little less guilty about their hangovers...

Cause changes the way the world looks at charitable giving. The Cause model makes giving more convenient, fun, and transparent for the general population. By bringing charitable giving into day to day living, Cause will break down barriers and allow more and more people to be involved. At the same time, Cause will provide much-needed exposure and funds for featured organizations, allowing them to scale their impact to beneficiaries they had not previously been able to reach.

The entrepreneurs behind the "Philanthro Pub" idea have big dreams for the future of their venture.

Cause Washington DC is only the beginning. We think that we are onto something big and have a model that can go global. We hope to franchise the model and see Causebars around the world, continuing to create impact in this unique manner. We also feel that there are numerous expansion possibilities, including Cause bookstores, Causecoffee shops and more. We hope that this brief introduction gets you as excited aboutCause as we are. For more information or to get involved, please contact us. 

Cause is coming soon to 1926 9th Street NW, Washington DC 20001

More info: Cause - The PhilanthroPub

I doff my hat to Margot, who brought this innovative idea to my attention! 

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