Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maturity + Honesty = Intimacy

Caged and unable to achieve intimacy

"Honesty is a form of intimacy that reflects maturity." 

My observation is that people are increasingly willing--and better able--to be deeply honest with themselves and others as they mature. 

When I was younger, I found it difficult to be honest about painful subjects. Today, I understand that joy and pain are two sides of the same coin. Time is short. People my age appreciate the intimacy of the honest truth, even if it hurts. 

Afraid and unwilling to achieve intimacy

No, I am NOT suggesting that honesty is an excuse for rude or uncivil behavior. I do not advocate brutal honesty. The kind of intimacy I am interested in follows from maturity of experience and empathy, and honesty of openness and vulnerability.

Immature and unlikely to achieve intimacy

I guess I am just trying to justify getting older... LOL


  1. Older and honest. I fully resemble that thought.

  2. Write more! You've begun something great!

  3. Maybe this will inspire you...

    The beginning of a Flood
    leaks into my mind
    seeps through to my heart
    washes over my soul
    Inexorably filling
    what had been drained by my tears

    The beginning of a Word
    speaks itself in my mind
    wraps hard ‘round my heart
    drags my soul to it
    Compelling surrender
    of what I guarded most well

    The beginning of a Mercy
    once unknown in my mind
    now a balm to my heart
    keeps watch on my soul
    Holding inside it
    What I so fearfully, hopefully left unguarded

    1. Julie, that is some powerfully moving poetry. Would you be willing to use your co-author privilege and publish your work as a blog post instead of a comment? Thanks!

  4. Julie's poem is now an annotated post. See it here: http://philosfx.blogspot.com/2012/11/beginnings.html