Monday, August 27, 2012

Ancient Ales

Greg Kitsock, a writer for the Washington Post, comments about Embers of the Deceased, a collaboration brew between two local DC brewers, DC Brau and Bluejacket.

I sampled the beer at DC Brau last Saturday. It has a subtle smoky aroma and a mild bacony flavor over a light body and a low, sessionable ABV.

Greg's article provides excellent detail about the historical aspects of the style, known alternately as a Grätzer or Grodziskie.

In his article, Greg asks the rhetorical question which sparked this post: are you a fan of extinct beer styles revived Jurassic Park-style?

Ancient ales. Forgotten recipes. Neglected techniques. Rediscovered ingredients. How much interest is there in reviving old beer styles? What long-lost brew will hit the shelves next? And will anyone buy it?

Or were such ancient ales "lost" from civilization for good reason?

What say you?

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  1. Not everything old will be--or even should be--new again! Yes, some things deserve to fade away permanently. (I am thinking of men's powdered wigs, for example.)

    I guess one thing I do like about the DC Brau / Bluejacket collab is that they respected the history of this lost style. They did not try to bill this brew as something NEW. They billed it, instead, as an homage.