W.I.S.H. List (While I'm Still Here)

W.I.S.H. List: 100 Things to Do While I'm Still Here
Ver. 5      as of:       9/17/2014
My goal is to align physical and spiritual realms and live 100 adventure- and achievement-filled years.                    
I'll try for at least one new major accomplishment per year over my (100+ year) lifespan.                             
This list has two parts: Things I've Already Done; and Things I've Yet To Do                           
*             Part I: Done (Currently 91 items). See Caveats, Ignoble Achievements, and End Notes below.    
*             Part II: To Do (Currently 81 potential items, anything over 9 more (a total of 100) is BONUS!)       
#             Year       Part I: Things I've Already Done (at Least Once)
001         1960       Inhabit a human body and begin this mortal phase of life.*
002         1967       Appear on TV (Romper Room, Lincoln. BONUS: Tax night '89, KCMO).
003         1968       Survive surgery (tonsils. BONUS: thyroid '09, bunion '09, neck '10, lipoma '10, hernia '10).*
004         1969       Go to a Disney Theme park (Disneyland. BONUS: Disney World '03).*
005         1970       Win a local Pitch, Hit, & Throw competition (Perry, IA)
006         1970       Win a local Punt, Pass, & Kick competition (Perry. BONUS: Perry '72)
007         1973       Bike RAGBRAI (BONUS:  '75, '77).
008         1973       Lose 30 lbs or more on a diet (23% '73, 18% in '08, 13% in 2011)
009         1973       Read all 66 Books of the Bible ('73, '06)*
010         1973       Create an Excellent sculpture (Ivory elephant '73, clay JFK '74)
011         1974       Execute 1500 sit-ups, non-stop
012         1974       Get elected president (freshman class '74, National Honor Society '78)
013         1975       Broadcast on Radio (post-RAGBRAI interview, Newton IA)
014         1976       Win award for excellent drawing (crucifixion 76, Margot Kidder 78, Bruce Springsteen 79)
015         1977       Win award for wall murals (Panther of the Week for murals of Petey Panther in the High School weight room.
016         1978       Win award for excellent painting (against the gods 78; soar ‘80)
017         1978       Win award for excellent pastel portrait (Paula Mitchell 78, Tracy Stevenson 79)
018         1978       Squat > 550 lbs.*
019         1978       Throw touchdown pass in a game (60 yds to Jim Parks)
020         1979       Bench press > 300 lbs.*
021         1979       Run 1 mi under 6 min (5:55)
022         1980       Bike 700 miles in 7 days (ND to Norfolk)
023         1981       Cheat death (Factory explosion 81. BONUS: motorcycle accident 85, hazardous duty 99, terrorist attack on Pentagon 01, hostile fire 07-08, stage IV cancer 08-11)
024         1981       Design / Build add’n to a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house.*
025         1981       Make dean's list @ ND (81, 82)
026         1981       Visit 12 important Italian natural / cultural landmarks (St Peter's Basilica, Uffizi Gallery, Fontana di Trevi, Ponte Vecchio, Pompei, Villa Rotunda, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Coliseum, Venice, Sienna, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como. BONUS: EUR.)*
027         1981       Attend a Papal Mass (Christmas Mass for Students with Pope John Paul)
028         1982       Earn Recondo Badge (zip-line).
029         1983       Walk down Bourbon Street in New Orleans (Mardi Gras 83, 84, Sugar Bowl 92).
030         1983       Qualify Expert in at least 3 military weapons systems (M1911 pistol, M16 rifle, M67 hand grenade. BONUS: M9 pistol (98)).*
031         1983       Earn airborne wings (parachuting).
032         1984       Earn air assault wings (rappelling).
033         1984       Earn Bachelors degree: B Arch ND.
034         1984       Design / Build ROTC facility '84 Bachelor's Thesis.
035         1984       Run 10 km under 48 min.*
036         1985       Score the max possible 300 points on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).*
037         1985       Run 2 mi under 13 min (12:47).
038         1986       Visit 20 important European natural / cultural landmarks (Louvre 81, Eiffel Tower 81, Arc d' Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral 81, Grand Place 81, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Vienna, Sagrada Famila 82, Hagia Sophia 85, Covered Bazaar 85, Parthenon 86. BONUS: LaGrange 00, Giant's Causeway 00, Stonehenge 04, Big Ben 04, Westminster Abbey '04, Avebury 08.
039         1986       Ride on an elephant or camel.*
040         1986       Swim in Seven Seas or Oceans (Pacific 68, Mediterranean 82, Adriatic 82, Atlantic 83, Black 86, Aegean 86, Dead Sea 86. BONUS: Persian Gulf 08).*
041         1986       Drive legally over 130 mph (210 kph on an autobahn).
042         1986       Visit Le Corbusier's Notre Dame du Haut.
043         1986       Be a best man in a wedding (Tom '86, Mike '88, Todd '92).
044         1987       Drive from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA.*
045         1988       Attend Olympic Games or World Cup (Summer Olympics Seoul, '88).
046         1990       Go on a blind date.*
047         1990       Ride to the top of the St. Louis Arch.
048         1990       Ride on a San Francisco Cable Car.
049         1991       Compete in a sprint triathlon (swim 0.75K, bike 20K, run 5K).
050         1992       Earn a Master's degree (MS Syst Mgt DU '92).*
051         1992       Design / Build a Federal Maximum Security Prison: '92 Master's Capstone Project.
052         1992       Marry the perfect woman.*
053         1993       Dive as a PADI-certified SCUBA diver.
054         1994       Become a father.
055         1995       Live > 1 yr in 7 different states (NE (Ralston 60, Fremont 61, Lincoln 63, Norfolk 76), IA (Bouton 69, Guthrie Center 73), IN (Flanner 79, Howard 80, Parkovash 82, Ivy 83), KS (High 81), VA (EOBC 84, EOAC (KRW 87), 6th Trans 92, ORSA MAC 96, Pentagon (Fairway 00, Corwin 04, Golf Club 07, Mason Grove 08), MO (Parkville 89), TX (Austin 94)).* 
056         1995       Walk in a rain forest (Panama)
057         1997       Watch someone die.*
058         1997       Deliver a baby.*
059         1999       Lead a Combat mission.*
060         1999       Design / Build 5000-man camp (Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo).
061         1999       Live > 1 mo in 7 different countries (US (see states 60), Italy (Rome 81), Turkey (Sinop 85),  Korea (Pyong taek 87 & Seoul 88), Germany (Kaiserslautern 96 & Vilseck 98), Albania (TRA 99), Kosovo (Camp Bondsteel 99).  BONUS: Iraq (Camp Victory 07).*
062         2000       Walk through Porta Sancta at St Peter's (only open in Jubilee Years).
063         2000       See whales or dolphins in the ocean.*
064         2000       Ski 5 mountain ranges (IN (Bendix Woods 79), Rockies (Vail 79, Pagosa Sprgs 02), Italian Alps 81, Appalachians / Blue Ridge 84, Austrian Alps (Landeck 00, Zell am See 00)).*
065         2000       Earn de Fleury medal bronze for service to the US Army Engineer Regiment.
066         2000       Run Army 10 miler under 90 min ('00, '01 (G-1 team), ‘02).*
067         2000       Run: 5 km under 23 min.*
068         2003       Survive a natural disaster (Cat 5 Hurricane Isabel 03, Cat 5 Hurricane Ivan 04, Cat 3 Hurricane Irene 11, Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake 11, Derecho 12, Frankenstorm Sandy 12).
069         2003       Catch a snowflake on my tongue in hot tub.*
070         2004       Go snowmobiling / sea-doing / ATVing.*
071         2005       Add a management method to the Global 12 Manage website.*
072         2007       Present a paper at an international academic conference ("VFT" @ ASQ ISS&L 07, "EVSM" @ IQPC LSSIW 07).
073         2007       Become an Idol on BeerPal by amassing 10K points for contributions to the site.
074         2007       Serve as a session chair and presenter in an international academic conference (Project Selection Track @ IQPC LSSIW 07).
075         2007       Earn Shoulder Sleeve Insignia-Former Combat Service aka Combat patch (MNC-I 07, BONUS: III Corps 07, XVIII Abn Corps 08).
076         2008       Visit the sites of all Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Statue of Zeus at Olympus 86, Pyramids of Giza 87, Lighthouse at Alexandria 87, Colossus of Rhodes 87, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus 87, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus 87, Hanging Garden of Babylon 08).
077         2009       Attend 30 year HS Reunion, dance to Stairway to Heaven, and go to Broken Bridge at midnight for star-gazing.
078         2010       See a play on Broadway (Rock of Ages 10, BONUS: American Idiot 10).
079         2010       Ride in a hot air balloon.
080         2010       Watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live from Central Park West.*
081         2010       Read 4 non-Christian holy scriptures (24 books of Jewish Tanakh '73, 114 chapters (suras) of Muslim Qu'ran '86, Hindu Tibetan Book of the Dead '08, Buddhist Dhammapada '10).
082         2011       Beat cancer (After a 3-year battle ending Aug 3, I'm in REMISSION!).
083         2011       Make the Front Page of the local Newspaper.*
084         2012       Earn a military retirement award (Legion of Merit) and pension (65%).
085         2012       Camp (non-military, on my own) in 7 states (IA, RAGBRAI 73, 75, 77; MO Smithville Lake 90; DE Cape Henlopen Park 03; VA Blue Ridge Mountains 09, MD Assateague Dunes 10, TN Carport 11, SD Bear Butte, Sturgis 12).
086         2012       Complete an epic American motorcycle journey of 5000 miles in 2 weeks. (Covered 16 states and 5004.2 miles in 14 days aboard my Road King. Decided to start a global consulting firm).
087         2012       Sail in a 24 hour race (Masters of the Potomac 12).
088         2012       Earn entry into the Iron Butt Association, World's Toughest Bikers (Saddle Sore Award (1000 miles in 24 hours), 29-30 Sep 12).*
089         2012       Be inducted into the Military Order of the Carabao (US 8791), entering into the rolls of the herd as an EXPEDICIONARIO.
090         2012       Attend a Hootenanny.*
091         2013       Run a full 40 km (26.2 mi) marathon, and live to tell the tale.*

                20XX      Which achievement from my WISH List below will be the next addition?
#             Year       Part II: Things I Have Yet To Do (W.I.S.H.)
092         20XX      run 1/2 marathon < 117 min: Philly or DC.*
093         20XX      run a marathon < 4 hours # 1: Jamaica, DC, or NYC
094         20XX      Earn a PhD (Applied Mgt / Decision Sci (Ops Rsrch), College of Management,  Walden U).*
095         20XX      Complete an epic North American motorcycle journey: 10,000 miles, 2 countries, 32 States / Provinces, and 2 National Parks, in 30 days.*
096         20XX      Complete an epic Pan American motorcycle journey: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. Two oceans, 18 countries, 30,000 miles, 3 months.
097         20XX      Type 100 wpm blind
098         20XX      Take parents and kids on a cruise to Hawaii.*
099         20XX      Go up in 5 of the 100 tallest buildings (Willis, Hancock, Empire State, 3 so far +2).*
100         20XX      Visit > 1 day all 50 US States plus DC (46 so far +5).*
101         20XX      Go deep sea fishing and catch something big and heavy (100 lb tuna?).
102         20XX      Hike at least 100 kilometers on the Appalachian Trail in a week.*
103         20XX      Climb a 14k-ft mountain.*
104         20XX      Walk on the Seven Continents (N Am, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, 5 so far +2)
105         20XX      Visit Niagara Falls
106         20XX      Drink 3000 beers, rate 1500 beers, 300 breweries, 70 styles, 100 countries, 50 states, and all 25 of the top-rated beers on BeerPal
107         20XX      Run a successful global consulting firm (10 years).*
108         20XX      Design / Build home (vacation or retirement)
109         20XX      Visit (>1 day) 20 of 28 NATO countries (Albania, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA, 16 so far + 4).*
110         20XX      Visit (>1 day) 25 of 164 non-NATO UN Countries (Mexico, San Marino, Andorra, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Samoa, Australia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Panama, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, 19 so far + 6).*
111         2024       Celebrate a 40 year career & retire at age 63 to invest, travel, teach, write, and serve on various boards.
112         20XX      Conduct a Vision Quest: Utah's Mystery Valley or equivalent. Blog about the experience and the results. 
113         20XX      Give my daughter's hand in marriage.
114         20XX      Visit at least 25% (15 of 59) National Parks (Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Redwood, Sequoia, Shenandoah, Rocky Mountains, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Great Sand Dunes, Death Valley, Great Falls, Acadia so far + 4).*
115         20XX      Attend Losar, 3-day Lunar New Years Festival, in Tibet.*
116         20XX      Read and actually comprehend Moby Dick.
117         20XX      Ski first tracks at Deer Valley, Pagosa Springs, or Wolf Creek.
118         20XX      Visit ASCE's Seven Wonders of the Modern World: The Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California, USA, '67); The Panama Canal (Panama, '95); The Empire State Building (New York, USA, '06); The CN Tower (Toronto, Ontario, Canada); The Channel Tunnel (France and United Kingdom (England)); The North Sea protection works, including the Zuiderzee Works and Delta Works (The Netherlands); and The Itaipu Dam (Brazil and Paraguay).
119         20XX      Play Pinehurst #2 in 100 strokes or better.
120         20XX      See Iguaçu (Devil's Throat) Falls.*
121         20XX      Ride the Orient Express, Paris to Istanbul.
122         20XX      Bungee off a bridge. (OK, a smallish bridge, say, 100 meters.)
123         20XX      Experience Mongolia's week-long Naadam Festival.
124         20XX      Sail to and explore an uninhabited Caribbean island, such as Bajo Nuevo Bank.
125         20XX      Tour MoMA with a personal guide.
126         20XX      If I become a grandfather, be a great one!*
127         20XX      Play harmonica like a Blues Traveler.
128         20XX      Get 100 points of Acupuncture.
129         20XX      Ride on a Segway for 100 minutes.
130         20XX      See and hear a glacier calf.
131         20XX      Run 100 meters with the Olympic Torch. 
132         20XX      Go tubing through caves in Belize.* 
133         20XX      Climb the (almost!) 100 steps of the pyramid at Chichen Itza.*
134         20XX      Earn an Excellent Brewing award (coffee, beer, or both!).
135         20XX      Walk 100 meters on the Great Wall of China.
136         20XX      Ride on a 100 km bicycle tour of at least 3 of the 7 Trappist monasteries.*
137         20XX      Attend a Notre Dame National Championship game.*
138         20XX      Attend a World Series, Super Bowl, World Cup, or Stanley Cup.
139         20XX      Go Coastal Cruising along the Atlantic seaboard or Island Hopping in the Caribbean.
140         20XX      Earn Professor of the Year honors.
141         20XX      Design a US Postage stamp.
142         20XX      Watch 100 award-winning movies (30 Gold Palm and 70 Best Picture).
143         20XX      Build a $10 million personal total investment portfolio (TIP).
144         20XX      Create a Foundation: give away $1 million to purposefully improve the human condition (Health, Happiness, Prosperity).
145         2029       Organize and lead a national celebration: 400 years of the Doane family in America
146         20XX      Cross 100 bridges on a motorcycle (see list for details).
147         20XX      Fly an ultra-lite or hang glide for 100 minutes.
148         20XX      Circumnavigate the globe. Can be multiple modes over many trips.*
149         20XX      Visit 100 DC area breweries, brewpubs, beer bars.*
150         20XX      Save someone's life.
151         20XX      Hit a hole in one.
152         20XX      Interview someone over 100 years old. 
153         20XX      Attend Wagner's Ring at the Met or the Bayreuth Wagner festival (Das Rheingold '10) Die Walküre, Siegfried, Götterdämmerung.
154         20XX      Visit the Taj Mahal. 
155         20XX      Collect a stamp from at least 100 countries.
156         20XX      Collect a beer bottle, cap, label, or deckel from at least 100 breweries.*
157         20XX      Publish my 100th article or book chapter (see my C-V for details).*
158         20XX      Visit 100 UNESCO World Heritage List sites (73 and counting! See for details).*
159         20XX      Visit 12 important Asian natural / cultural landmarks (Cappadocia, Dome of the Rock +10).*
160         20XX      Visit 12 important African natural / cultural landmarks (Pyramids of Giza + 11).*
161         20XX      Visit 12 important Australia and Oceana natural / cultural landmarks (Uluru (Ayres Rock), Kakadoo, Sydney Opera, Great Barrier Reef + 8).*
162         20XX      Visit 20 important North American natural / cultural landmarks (Have 8, need 12).*
163         20XX      Visit 12 important Central American and Caribbean natural / cultural landmarks ().*
164         20XX      Visit 12 important South American natural / cultural landmarks.*
165         20XX      Publish my 3rd book (see my C-V for details).*
166         20XX      Shake hands with a US President.
167         20XX      Dive on a shipwreck or swim with manatees (or both!).
168         20XX      Promote Health, Happiness, and Prosperity for all Human Beings (vice human doings).*
169         20XX      Find Peace, Love, & Understanding.*
170         20XX      Earn the respect, esteem, and affection of the important people in my world.*
171         2060       Celebrate my 100th birthday on 30 Dec 2060 by relaxing with 100 - 100 = 0 push-ups, 0 sit-ups, 0 minutes of running, and 0 oz of single-malt scotch.*
172         20XX      Transition to the next phase of life with grace.*
Caveats, Disclaimers, and Sideways Glances                     
1. I created Version 1 when I was 40 and first got the idea of living to (age) + (100-age) = 100.                     
2. I vouch for all achievements, even though some dates and descriptions are based on imperfect memory.                      
3. It's reasonable and practical to control the achievement flow rate. I modify even completed goals.     
4. The current version completely replaces all previous versions. Adds, mods, and drops are temporary.              
5. Repeat achievements are added to the original as BONUS occurrences of the same thing.                      
6. The projected dates and chronological sequence of all future achievements in Part II? All SWAGs…    
7. I openly admit the fact that there are lots of overlapping travel goals. Are we cool?                    
Ignoble Achievements and Epic Out-takes (Who never failed never tried!)                       
1971. Lost a round of spin the milk carton at lunch and "had" to kiss the prettiest girl in class. When I made my move I missed and kissed her right on the nose!                             
1979. Raced a small car. To make it fair, I drove in reverse. Across a bridge. Stupid human trick!                 
1984. Crashed my motorcycle while racing a car. The injury ended my Ranger School bid.                              
2001. Lived through the DC "Reign of Terror": 9/11, anthrax, sniper                         
2002. Suffered my most humiliating presentation ever: over-confident and not prepared for the audience.                        
2006. Turned down the War College to focus on my PhD. The decision capped my promotion potential.
2011. Survived a nearly 3-year battle with Stage IV papillary carcinoma.                 
2012. Withdrew from Walden to focus on my health. It can be so hard to do the right thing!                        
2012. Survived a brutal, 6 1/2-year divorce-athon.                           
End Notes                          
Re: #001: I came into the world as David, a Bruce of the Doanes                
Re: #003: All used local anesthesia except thyroid and neck.                       
Re: #004: Euro-Disney??                              
Re: #009: Referring here to a Protestant version such as King James or New International.                           
Re: #018: 555 lbs free weights, thighs parallel.                   
Re: #020: Pushed 300 up one time for entry into the 300 Club.                   
Re: #024: Detached garage for Robert Patterson, Rochester, MN.                            
Re: #026: Others to see: Cinque Terre.                  
Re: #030: Also familiar with M203 grenade launcher, M2 machine gun, M60 machine gun, M2 grenade launcher, M4 shotgun, M249 SAW.                     
Re: #035: Groundhog in KC, many more!                              
Re: #036: Maxed it at Ft Belvoir. Also scored >290 several times.                               
Re: #039: Camel, Turkey                              
Re: #040: Others include Red, Sea of Galilee, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Caspian Sea                     
Re: #044: contracted to deliver a car DC to LA                     
Re: #046: Lesson learned. Once was enough!                    
Re: #050: Others sought: MS, National Resources, ICAF                
Re: #052: Sadly, this didn't work out too well! (note to self: no one is 'perfect.')                
Re: #054: Allison (94) and Madeline (97)                               
Re: #055: Others: Rhode Island, WA, OR, CA, IL, AK, AZ                 
Re: #056: Others: Australia, Brazil                            
Re: #057: I saw a civilian employee at Panzer Kaserne suffer a heart attack and die before first responders could revive him.                        
Re: #058: I delivered Madeline!                
Re: #059: Led recon for attack route into Serbia from Albania.                    
Re: #061: Live in Belgium, South Africa, Honduras, Costa Rica.                    
Re: #063: Dolphins, Ireland. Minke whales, Boston Harbor.                         
Re: #064: Ski French Alps                             
Re: #066: Ran this race 6 times. Also ran '10 @ 1:53, '11 @ 2:10, & '13 @ 2+.                          
Re: #067: Azelea '00, many in Baghdad '07, '08, more!                    
Re: #069: with daughters A & M in a hot tub on our deck.                             
Re: #070: Sea-do, Lake of the Ozarks '04                               
Re: #071: I added a paper describing the 8D Method.                     
Re: #080: with Madeline.                             
Re: #083: I was the subject of a 9/11 cover story published in the Norfolk Daily News.                    
Re: #088: Bun Burner Award (1500 miles in 36 hours)  or Bun Burner GOLD (1500 miles in 24 hours).         
Re: #090: Made it to the 3d Annual Oak Ridge Area Hootenanny. Party was so good, I amended my WISH List after the fact.                              
Re: #091: Finished the Marine Corps Marathon after raising nearly $2K for LLS.                  
Re: #092: I run for weight mgt, stress mgt, and health. Live to 100.                           
Re: #094: Currently holding with 167 credit hours.                            
Re: #095: Add to States and National Parks visited.                          
Re: #098: Hawaii for M&D's 55th anniversary.                    
Re: #099: Petronas, Chrysler, Trump, 1776.                         
Re: #100: Alaska, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont.                    
Re: #102: 50 kms out and back from Stony Man.                               
Re: #103: Mt. Blanca.                     
Re: #104: S Am, Antarctica.                         
Re: #106: Drank 2250 and rated 500 so far.                           
Re: #107: Praxophy, 2012-2022.                
Re: #109: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.                     
Re: #110: Indonesia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil, Peru, Iran.                  
Re: #111: 28 years Army, 12 years Praxophy (including 5 years with AFSC).                           
Re: #114: Arches, Denali, Glacier, Joshua Tree, Virgin Islands. Cape Cod National Seashore is operated by NPS but is not a National Park.                       
Re: #115: Losar occurs near or on the same day as the Chinese New Year and the Mongolian New Year, but the traditions of Losar are unique to Tibet, and predates both Indian and Chinese influences.            
Re: #118: ASCE removed The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel from their list and replaced it. Why is Hoover Dam not on this list?                        
Re: #120: Near the tri-border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.                 
Re: #126: The first part is not up to me!                
Re: #132: More info http://bit.ly/RLznbU.                           
Re: #133: Mayan pyramid ruin in Yucatan, 91 steps to the top.                   
Re: #136: Achel, Chimay, La Trappe (Koningshoeven), Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, and Westvleteren. See .                
Re: #137: ND Football in 2012? Almost...                               
Re: #138: Nats in 2012? Almost…                              
Re: #148: Crossed Europe, Atlantic, US, and Pacific. Need to cross Asia.                 
Re: #149: Probably there already, just need to sort and count.                  
Re: #156: Probably there already, just need to sort and count.                  
Re: #157: Army Transformation; Investment math; Measure success; Human Capital Development.       
Re: #158: 12 each from Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceana, Central America & Caribbean, and South America, plus 20 each from Europe and North America                   
Re: #159: Asia is everything east of the Urals and north of the Straits of Bosphorus.                        
Re: #162: See list for details.                      
Re: #164: Machu Picchu.                              
Re: #165: ABCs (architects, bldgs, & climes); Become a millionaire; This old house; Best of PhilosFX; Happiness manifesto; The Tao of Deve.                      
Re: #168: The results of positive choices and mindful living are a healthy mind in a healthy body, genuine gratitude and happiness, and material comfort.                   
Re: #169: My purpose is to find, exemplify, and share the values of Peace, Love, & Understanding.        
Re: #170: This is my definition of a life well-lived.                             
Re: #171: I figure I will have earned a day off from the PT after counting down from 60 to zero. I may allow a nip of single-malt…                     

Re: #172: The conservation of mass supports my belief that life goes on after death. We have less certainty about what happens to our consciousness after death.  I am curious, but I want to wait as long as possible to find out!