Friday, August 3, 2012

A Sweet Reward for 20K

My Dad and I were out riding the range aboard CERUS. The stated mission was to explore the state of solar collection technology in the sun-drenched valley. Truth be told, we came up with this idea while trying to figure out how to rack up the extra 35 miles I needed to hit a significant milestone on a significant date: 20,000 miles on the odometer.

If you keep rolling, you eventually hit 20K, so what was the big deal about hitting that mark on August 3rd? ? Well, I was at my parents' home on 3 August, and scheduled to depart on the 4th. August 3rd is a significant anniversary: One year of remission. 

So I wanted to combine the two goals into one celebration while at home. As fate would have it, the odometer crossed 20K at the exact moment we rolled up on the Mosca Pit-Stop in Mosca, CO. Dad and I strolled in, looking for some sort of celebratory beverage or foodstuff. Scanning high and low, our eyes suddenly fell upon the ice cream freezer.

Now, to put this moment in perspective, you must realize that ice cream was a staple in our household during my growing up years.  I still have a sweet tooth, but my Dad has decided to cut back on sweets. Dad bought ice cream to help me celebrate, and ice cream was consumed at the Mosca Pit Stop. Who ate what and how much was eaten? 

All I will say is that the moment was well and truly celebrated. Beyond that? What happens in Mosca, stays in Mosca.