Monday, November 5, 2012

(MO)nday #1

First Monday in Movember

It's the first  of four Mondays in Movember and I offer this picture and my comments about the current state of my Movember Stache.

First of all, and most importantly, this moustache growing thing is for charity--to help raise awareness about men's health issues.

So with that being said, last year's effort was a fine, neatly-trimmed military standard moustache that raised a very admirable amount of awareness in the form of donations from friends and in conversations with curious co-workers. 

All good, but when I went to the Movember Parte, that grand and glorious celebration of all things MO at the Rock n Roll Hotel in DC, I felt my moustache was just not MO enough. It lacked a certain finesse. I mean, I saw guys with some pretty elaborate moustaches, and yeah, I was jealous. 

So this year, I am going BIG. I am going to make a statement about MO and mojo. I want to promote freedom from fear through facial follicles. I'm talking about the Audacity of BADASSITY. 

It's gonna look a little like THIS: