Friday, March 4, 2011

Support Local Brewers--Watch the Video, Click LIKE

I got the below email via DC-Beer. I am republishing it here to encourage people to support a great, beer-related business idea. Catherine Portner is a great-granddaughter of brewer Robert Portner. She and her siblings have the idea of creating a brewery incubator--a place for home brewers to test their favorite recipes alongside Portner family faves. They plan a brewhouse and beer garden in the Alexandria area. They are competing nationally for a $100,000 prize and I hope they win!  


Dear Friends, Family and Well-Wishers, 

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My siblings and I have been chosen as a Top 20 Finalist in the Last Plan Standing 100K Competition, a nationwide competition that will award a marketing communications plan worth up to $100,000 to an original, relevant and ingenious business idea. 

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