Monday, November 26, 2012

Rogue's Gallery of Memorable MOs

In celebration of MOvember's goal--raising awareness of men's health issues--I offer this gallery of memorable MOs. One moustache can launch a hundred conversations, raising both awareness and cash for research. These are a few of my favorite MOs!

Did Duchamp desecrate this postcard, or did he make it MO betta? 

My MO-brother Todd  is hanging TOUGH!

My MO Papa

My MO-tivation: Grow a handlebar and forked soul patch like this Italian  Brigadier

I have a goal:

The MO-family

MOna Lisa rides a HOG and sports a Trucker as thick as a LOG

tee shirt with existential angst

Every little bit helps:

Andy Warhol and his wispy MO

My MO Nephew Alex

My MO Nephew Brayden

Drop some coin in the coffer:

My MO Bro Kyle
My MO Bro Teej

MO Mad 1

MO Mad 2

Stop on by and say hello:

UEd MO 1

UEd MO 2

Whiskers: the audacity of badassity

Rainbow 'stache
Donate to MOvember:

Mystery MO ???
Mellow MO Sista Mel

Magnifico MO Bro Angelo

Dada MOna
Brought to you by MO & Sons, purveyors of wisdom and fine moustachery

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