Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mo-mo-mo-mo-mo Motivation

Best. Moustache. Ever.

According to Katie, this is a photo of the exemplary moustache. I am inclined to agree! Movember* is coming! Consider me mo-mo-mo-mo-mo motivated!

Visit my Mo Space: http://mobro.co/FoamFan

*Movember, aka Moustache November, aka No-Shave-Ember, aka The Month Formerly Known as November: Face grown and hand brushed, to raise awareness of men's health issues.


  1. Dave - you can do it . . . .just like this guy, one of Garibaldi's famed 1000! Unify for a baffo cosi bello!

    1. Do you happen to know the general's name, Angelo? I tried to find out by searching images. My first guess, believe it or not, was Garibaldi! Goes to show what I know! (a) Garibaldi always had a full beard (as a matter of fact, the Garibaldi-style beard is his namesake), plus (b) Garibaldi was born generalissimo, never only one star!