Sunday, September 9, 2012

Health and Wealth

The chart from Gap Minder plots health and income by country for an interesting look at the world. For a closer view of the graph, click HERE

Some thoughts:

  • Monaco is looking pretty good! 
  • Where is Costa Rica, leader of the Happiness Index?
  • Is the wide disparity a natural and good thing for humanity?

What is the correct attitude for those in the upper right quadrant regarding those in the lower left?

  • Better them than me!
  • Education is wasted on those who are poor in resources and drive.  
  • Why don't they just move to Monaco?
  • Man, when they figure out how bad off they are, they are gonna be pissed!  

What is the correct attitude for those in the lower left quadrant regarding those in the upper right?

  • The ignorant deserve to be poor and sick. 
  • Them bastards in Monaco won't let me in!
  • The secret to happiness is being grateful for what we have, not comparing ourselves with others who have more.
  • I am stuck. My children are stuck. I think I'll light myself on fire.

What do our answers to the above questions tell us about our world view?

Gap Minder: for a fact-based world view!