Monday, March 19, 2012

The Bluejacket is coming!

NRG selects Bluejacket for the name of its new brewery

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From the All We Can Eat  section of The Washington Post:, we learn NRG has selected "Bluejacket" as the name of its forthcoming new brewery.
Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s forthcoming brewery not only has a location (an old Navy Yard factory) and a brewing team (head brewer Megan Parisi and NRG beer director Greg Engert), but, as of today, it also has a name and a Web site. The establishment, scheduled to open next year, will be called Bluejacket. Not Bluejacket Brewing Company or Bluejacket Beer. One word: Bluejacket. 
My Retailers list is updated and I will continue to track this new venue as the story develops.

Gotta love the Burgeoning Beer Scene in Our Nation's Capitol!