Monday, March 19, 2012

Beer Madness 2012

Beer Madness - The Washington Post:

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If it's March, it's time for a certain famous tournament.... The Washington Post's 6th annual March Madness-style tournament for beer is on!

As in previous years, there are 32 beers in the lineup, down from 64 last year. Notice that the four beer "regions" have beers with common flavor profiles. For example, hoppy beers are grouped together, and malty, and roasty, and fruity / spicey. 

Beers from The Washington Post’s annual suds showdown. <a data-xslt='_http' href=''>Fill out your Beer Madness bracket</a>.
cool graphic: 


Remember, this is a blind judging--no one knows the brand names when they do the pairwise comparison and vote. There are a dozen experts on the panel. (How do I get this gig?)

Videos and a printable bracket are at the link:

Have FUN!

Follow the 6th Annual Washington Post Beer Madness competition here