Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10th Page Poll: Select or Suggest a 10th Page Topic

This blog can have up to 10 pages. In addition to the Home page containing all the blog posts and gadgets, I have room for nine additional pages. These are semi-permanent, stand-alone pages with static content. I have tons of ideas for content on these additional pages.

Please help me by indicating:

  • which Current pages you like most (feel free to suggest improvements and updates), 
  • which Current pages should be removed to make room for replacements
  • which Candidate pages you'd most like to see added

First a review of Current Pages, then a list of Candidates. Thanks in ad-Vance for your Vote!

Current pages

  1. Home
  2. Personal Manifesto
  3. National Security Context
  4. W.I.S.H. List (Whilst I'm Still Here)
  5. Favorite Quotations
  6. The Quest for Brewed Nirvana (List and Reviews of Various Watering Holes)
  7. Best Beers Wot I Drunk (Top 10 reviewed and a list of all)
  8. Best Books Wot I Read (Top 10 reviewed and a list of all)
  9. Best Shows Wot I Seen (Top 10 Plays, Concerts, Movies, TV Shows)

Candidate pages

  • Vocabulary of a PhD in Decision Analysis
  • Brief Biographies of Bright Brains
  • Dr Dave's Lexicon of Beer and Brewing
  • Knowledge Management Architecture
  • A Portfolio of My Portfolio Models
  • Angels of the Hours
  • Davipedia
  • Format for Prayerful Living
  • The Praxis Analysis Suite: Assessment Framework, Scoreboard, Dynamic System Model
  • Investment Math
  • One God, Many Paths: A philosopher studies religion
  • Your Suggestion, please!