Saturday, August 6, 2016

Happy 6th PhilosFX Day!

We're celebrating 6 years of PhilosFX with a Public Service Announcement.
"Got Your 6" is a nonprofit empowering veterans and strengthening communities.
Keep reading PhilosFX, and check out "Got Your 6" at

You know how they say that time flies when you're having fun? And that time flies faster as you age? For your humble correspondent, this past year flew by like a Perseid meteor. At midnight UTC (8 pm Eastern) between 6 and 7 Aug, we at PhilosFX completed 72 months (6 years!) of musing, writing, sharing, and inquiring about this wonderful world of ours. 

Six years! Time is flying, so I must be having fun or getting older or both! Here's some evidence to support our claim of a good, productive year worth celebrating:

  • Total views have climbed 31% to 263,229 from 201,692 this time last year. We crossed the Quarter of a Million Visits mark!
  • First-time views rose 83% to 78,197 vs. 42,619 after five years. 35% of all first-time views are from outside the United States. Lots of new viewers came from Russia to look at the Demitri Martin posts.
  • Countries with at least one unique visitor increased to 196 from 189 a year ago. It's getting pretty difficult to attract viewers from the few remaining "never" countries (or, as I prefer to call them, "not yet" countries!). All of the top 48 countries have at least 42 unique visitors. I love being part of an international network.
  • In terms of content, we have now published 879 posts (this will be 880), which is a 5% increase over the 836 we had last year. Any bets on when we'll hit 1000? Any requests on a topic?

Speaking of 6, I want to call attention to "Got Your 6," a great non-profit organization that is focused on empowering veterans and enabling them to make lasting positive contributions in communities across the USA. The phrase, "Got Your 6" is mil-speak for protecting you from threats to your rear, or 6 o'clock position. It means, "I got your back." 

As a public service announcement in honor of our favorite blog's 6th birthday, I recommend all PhilosFX readers--especially those with a soft spot for veterans and a passion for community activism--check out "Got Your Six."

"Got Your 6" believes veterans are leaders, team builders, and problem solvers who have the unique potential to lead a resurgence of community across the nation. Got Your 6 uses six pillars to strengthen veterans–jobs, education, health, housing, family, and leadership. Got Your 6 continues to ensure all Americans see veterans as indispensable assets that make our Nation stronger. For more information, please visit

Bottom line, friends: be focused, happy, and productive. Find and maintain your center. Align your priorities to worthy goals. Unite others on your quest for success. Thanks for reading and celebrating six years of Philosophy + Special Effects here at PhilosFX! Here's to many more...

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