Monday, November 30, 2015

MOnday MOrning MOustache MOment: MOvember in Crystal City

MOvember gives us a reason to start or sustain
some conversations about men's health issues. 

Greetings from Crystal City! This is my 5th and Final MOnday MOrning MOustache MOment for MOvember 2015.  

I'm a:
  • retired Army officer now consulting for clients in DoD (still serving!), 
  • cancer survivor now four years in remission (still kicking!), and 
  • 5th year MO Bro now sporting a 30-day 'stache (still MO-ing!). 

Why do I MO, year after year? Because I want more men to be encouraged to take better care of themselves, and that means: 
  • Making and keeping appointments for testicular and prostate cancer screening
  • Seeking help for mental health issues like stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts
  • Combating obesity and diabetes by eating less, eating better, and moving around more

Men: I MO for thee! Get thee to thine doctor! 

To those of you who have raised a moustache as a MO Bro, or supported a MO Bro with your donations of time or money, THANK YOU! Together, we are helping to "change the face of men's health!" 
Happy MOvember! 

Let's MO!