Thursday, November 26, 2015

Elvis Costello: My Life in 10 Songs

Elvis Costello: My Life in 10 Songs
Rolling Stone - By David Fricke - October 12, 2015 (the day before Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink was published)

"How Bruce Springsteen and Margaret Thatcher — plus a little revenge and guilt — inspired some of Costello's greatest work."

Attention future ‪#‎ElvisCostello fans! Do yourself a favor and follow this link to the Rolling Stone interview! TEN SONGS 

Even long-time die-hard fans will enjoy this interview and the insights to be gleaned from these 10 songs carefully selected from a catalog of over 500. 

But if you have been a fan since My Aim Is True, you probably already have Elvis' autobiography and the accompanying soundtrack.  So this post is especially for the future fans. Everyone is a fan of Elvis. It's just a question of time and timing. Not a fan, yet? This selection of songs might just win you over! 

Here's the list of songs Elvis talks about in his interview. Rolling Stone provides links to videos for each song. Must see! And read and listen and absorb!

  • "Radio Soul" (1975)
  • "Poison Moon" (1976)
  • "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" (1977)
  • "High Fidelity" (1980)
  • "New Lace Sleeves" (1981)
  • "Beyond Belief" (1982)
  • "Indoor Fireworks" (1986)
  • "London's Brilliant Parade" (1994)
  • "When I Was Cruel No. 2" (2002)
  • "The Puppet Has Cut His Strings" (2013)
Forty years of amazing music and powerful lyrics condensed to 10 songs selected by Elvis himself. These are the milestones of his career. And he says he has 40 more songs in the works! Bring it!

Enjoy and share this link to the Rolling Stone interview! TEN SONGS