Monday, November 23, 2015

MOnday MOrning MOvember MOustache MOment #4

Report from Day 23: Every little bit helps!

Yes, every little bit helps. Whether we are talking about the glacial pace of facial hair growth or how your spare change might help improve men's health, small contributions really do add up! So please visit my personal "Foam Fan" MOvember site and drop some coins in the bin:

Good news! 

With just over a week left in MOvember, we are excited to announce that we at Team Just Twist It have added some fine-looking new members! Now there's more MOs for you to love and sponsor!



Chesapeake Fats

Miracle Slim

Please support our effort to raise awareness for men's health issues. We are raising moustaches in MOvember for a good cause. We are working to end

  • testicular cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • mental health issues, and 
  • inactivity. 

Contribute to MOvember via our "Just Twist It" team space:

Every little bit helps, and we thank you!  

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