Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Polling Pollsters Poll

During my most recent stint in academia, I became a student-member of AAPOR. What a great organization! I highly recommend them for their education and training programs, support, conferences, and peer-reviewed journal. I even served as a pollster myself, briefly, and enjoyed it. I still use polls to collect data for my math models, and I follow polls to see how they work and to keep up with trends in survey science.

I thought I would share a list of pollsters. Maybe I'll also create and share a Symbaloo page so I can more easily see what pollsters are tracking, and how polls or public opinion surveys on similar questions might differ based on polling technique.

Feel free to add updates in the comments.

Production Tools
These are a few tools of the polling trade

Survey Monkey
Poll Everywhere
Poll Maker
Mistakes to Avoid

Primary Producers
These organizations hire pollsters and produce polls and public opinion surveys

Secondary Producers
These organizations mine the data others produce

Google Analytics
Google Trends
Huffington Post Pollster
Real Clear Politics