Saturday, September 27, 2014

My First (Live!) Encounter with #WorldRider Allan Karl

Entrepreneur, motorcycle adventurer, foodie, self-published author and +WorldRider Allan Karl was in our neighborhood recently, to connect with fans and promote his book, FORKS.

The ad promised:

"Meet Allan Karl adventurer and author of the bestselling travel, photo and recipe book FORKS—A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection on Saturday afternoon, September 20th from 11am – 4pm."

Perfect vanity plate for World Rider Allan Karl and his adventure machine

Melanie Grace and I hopped on our respective Harley-Davidson motorized bicycles and rode over toward the sweet smell of exotic cuisine. We pulled into off-street parking directly in front of The Organic Butcher of McLean.

The ad continued:

"Allan will share a recipe or two (Rwandan Brochettes for example) using the finest meats from The Organic Butcher in McLean."

Step inside and have a look around: this is a small but truly inspiring butcher shop!

The ad delivered!

We were not disappointed but rather overjoyed. Delicious dishes from FORKS were prepared in the Green Egg grill, and served on a side table, where Allan was signing copies of his book and graciously posing for pictures. 

Allan and the decorated Sprint van in which he hauls his bike and boxes of books.

Allan seemed genuinely thrilled to meet us. To my delight, he recalled my excited, "look what just came in the mail" tweet--one that he re-tweeted several times. As for me, I was star-struck. I felt I was chatting with a personal hero and, dare I say, kindred spirit.

Allan Karl's 2005 BMW 650GS Dakar

I'm so glad Allan brought his adventure machine along for the tour! The BMW 650 GS Daka has a single valve engine with two spark plugs for maximum efficiency. This bike is modified from the original stock configuration. You can see the engine protection bars, center stand, and wider foot pegs.

Another rear oblique view of Allan Karl's 2005 BMW 650GS Dakar

Allan's brother, Jonathan and sister-in-awe Maria (who live in the DC area), and Allan's colleague, Tim Amos were present and added to the fun. Jon told stories of coming to Allan's rescue a time or two. We are looking forward to seeing the photos Tim took. There is at least one of Mel and me with Allan all standing beside our bikes!

Melanie Grace and me with Allan Karl and his adventure machine

Here is the bottom line:

Buy the book. Try the recipes. Follow your passions in life. 

I want to be a World Rider, too. 

Don't you?