Saturday, September 27, 2014

Great Meal Inspired by Forks the Book

You already know I participated in the Kickstarter campaign that brought the world this incredible book: FORKS

And you also know that Melanie Grace and I recently enjoyed meeting Allan Karl, in person during his book promotion tour when he stopped at The Organic Butcher in McLean

This brings us to Part 3 of the story: How Mel prepared a delicious, FORKS-inspired meal--our first recipe taken from Allan's book. Based on the result, this was the first of MANY dishes to come!

Bolivian red quinoa salad

Our first recipe from FORKS was the Bolivian red quinoa salad, found on pages 86-87 of the Kickstarter edition of FORKS. 

almond-crusted salmon filets in a lime-and-dijon mustard sauce

We served the quinoa salad along-side baked, almond-crusted salmon filets in a lime-and-dijon mustard sauce, and paired it all with Flying Dog Agave Cervesa.

Flying Dog Agave Cervesa

It was a pleasure making the gorgeous food photos come to life in our kitchen, and even more fun savoring the flavors, textures, and aromas of Bolivia. Life is Delish!

The first of MANY dishes to come! 

Culture, Cuisine, and Connections: Thank you, +WorldRider!

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