Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stoopid Stuff

We all get frustrated with the moron who cuts in line, or the idiot who carts 30 things into the express line, or the doofus who honks for no reason. Reading is Fundamental, but please to not text and drive, people! Sure, accidents happen, but how many times must a competent adult be reminded to set his cell phone to stun in an auditorium

Yes, sometimes we try one another's patience, or worse. Here is my perspective on the stoopid stuff people do. If you are interested in playing along, notice that no weapons are needed.

1. There are 7 B people sharing this lovely planet of ours.

2. Intelligence is distributed on a normal curve and by definition, an IQ of 100 is the mean.

3. Two-thirds of humanity have an IQ within one standard deviation of the mean, so half of the remaining third is above average and the other half has an IQ of between 0 and about 80.

4. On the low end of the IQ scale there are about 7B / 6 = 1.2B souls.That's a whole lot of stoopid stuff just waiting to happen. 

5. What we are really talking about is stoopid stuff, not people who are prone to doing stoopid stuff. High IQ people are not exempt from doing stoopid stuff. I just like to think they are less likely. 

6. Either way, there is a lot of stoopid stuff going on out there, and with the population on the rise, the raw count of stoopid incidents is only going to get worse! 

7. I don't get too surprised by stoopid stuff. Frustrated? Sure, but not surprised. I just pray for patience and I try to let stoopidity roll off me without sticking. I watch where I walk. And above all, I try not to add to the problem!