Friday, June 22, 2012

The Tail of the Dragon

This is going on my W.I.S.H. List.

My version of a Bucket List, the W.I.S.H. List is a list of things to do While I'm Still Here.

Who's with me? Maybe in the fall when the leaves are turning?

The Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap is a famous twisty road that crosses the Tennessee and North Carolina border. Folks promoting motorcycle and sport car two lane tourism have marketed this stretch of road into a destination for daredevils and cruisers alike.

Besides Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, other attractions include Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner28, Devils Triangle, and Six Gap North Georgia.

I think the idea is to keep the shiny side up.

More information, including photos of riders and downloadable .pdf maps is available HERE