Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's Hot in Your Recent Documents?

Here is a periodic review of my most recently used files. I am looking for some evidence-based insights into how I spend my time.

DO try this at home! (Publishing the results: completely optional!) Are you surprised by what you see, and what you do NOT see? Do you have customers lined up for your work? If not, do you at least have sufficient internal rewards?

We only have so much time....

These are files that were created or modified in the last 7 days. Obviously this does not include all programs that I used, only the ones which generated data file output. For example, I did a lot of work editing photos, reading docs in Adobe, working within email editors, this blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Still, it's not hard to see how 40 hours could fly by with 5 or 6 files open on the desktop at any given moment during the past week. 

Here are 25 files sorted by type and arranged chronologically within type with the most recently changed on the top.

Excel (10)

  • Tasting Grid v2
  • Blog Stats
  • Contact
  • GK20
  • Student Loans
  • Tab Benoit
  • IBA Trial Run
  • Retailers
  • Carbs
  • Photo Captions

PowerPoint (9)

  • bloggable
  • Craft Beer Personality Types
  • Allison HS Graduation
  • 24K
  • Military Installations in the NCR
  • 23K
  • 5D Figures
  • 5A Figures
  • RGB Yin Yang logo idea

Word (6)

  • GKMMC Tri-Fold  Standard  v5
  • You make a good point
  • GKMMC Tri-Fold  Standard  v4
  • Walden Withdrawal
  • Colonoscopy Journal
  • GKMMC Tri-Fold  Standard  v3

My big question? Where are all the investment-related files? Where is the Resume? I do not see the All About Harley file in there. And Nepo?  Where's the notes from Mark Nepo's book?

Nothing in the list surprises or particularly disturbs me, but I am still baffled. I see evidence of a LOT of effort over a wide range of topics, and yet little that generates income. It's clear that i love Excel, but I am not too sure I would invite a prospective employer to use this week's production as evidence of my gravitas.

As I said earlier, we only have so much time. Am I getting the best possible return from how I spend mine? Does this exercise inspire you to look in YOUR Recent Docs bin?

To Health,
           Happiness, &