Friday, June 29, 2012

So You Thought Italians Just Drank Wine?

Teo Musso

Craft beer is catching on around the globe, even in (gasp!) Italy. I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this article, "You thought Italians Just Drunk Wine?" from Sabotage Times. Read and learn about Teo Musso, the Jim Morrison of Beer. 

I give an even higher recommendation to the products of the creative genius behind Birrificio Le Baladin (%abv and rating on a 1-5 scale are shown):

Baladin / del Borgo Cu+ Crismas American Barleywine 11%, 3.100
Baladin Al-Iksir (Elixir) Belgian Strong Pale Ale 10.00%, 3.9
Baladin Isaac Witbier 4.8%, 3.360
Baladin Mama Kriek Fruit Lambic 5.8%, 3.160
Baladin Nazionale Belgian Pale Ale 6.50%, 3.5
Baladin Noël Baladin Belgian Strong Dark Ale 9.00%, 3.93
Baladin Noël Chocolat Belgian Strong Dark Ale 9.00%, 4.15
Baladin Nora Sour Edition 2005 Wild Ale 6.8%, 3.483
Baladin Nora Herbed / Spiced Beer 6.80%, 4.08
Baladin Open Baladin Belgian Pale Ale 7.50%, 3.67
Baladin Super Baladin Belgian Strong Pale Ale 8.00%, 3.91
Baladin Terre - Riserva Teo Musso 2010 English Barleywine 12.00%, 3.82
Baladin Wayan Saison 5.8%, 3.525
Baladin Xfume English Barleywine 14.00%, 4.35
Baladin Xyauyù Etichetta Argento (Silver) English Barleywine 13.50%, 4.24
Baladin Xyauyù Etichetta Oro (Gold) English Barleywine 13.50%, 4.46
Baladin Xyauyù Etichetta Rame (Copper) English Barleywine 12.00%, 4.39

As long as we are visiting the Big Boot Country, have a look at Birra del Borgo as well. Their collaborations with Baladin and American avant garde brewer Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head have drawn attention and rave reviews.

Baladin / del Borgo Cu+ Crismas Italy American Barleywine 11%, 3.100
del Borgo / Dogfish Head My Antonia Imperial Pilsener 7.5%, 3.200
del Borgo 25 Dodici Belgian Strong Ale 9.5%, 3.300
del Borgo Castanha Spiced Ale 4.2% 2.850
del Borgo Duc Ale Belgian Strong Ale 8% 3.150
del Borgo Duchessa Saison 6.2% 3.000
del Borgo Duchessic Saison 5.9% 3.325
del Borgo Genziana Spiced Ale 6.2%, 3.271
del Borgo ImperiAle Spiced Ale 6.1%, 3.040
del Borgo Keto Reporter Spiced Ale 5.2%, 3.200
del Borgo LEquilibrista Wild Ale 10.9%, 3.125
del Borgo Re Ale IPA 6.4%, 3.125
del Borgo Re Ale Extra American Pale Ale 6.4%, 3.120
del Borgo Re Porter Porter 4.2%
del Borgo Rubus Fruit Beer 5.6%, 3.250
del Borgo Tè Spiced Ale 4.2%, 3.000
del Borgo Trentatre Bruna Belgian Strong Ale 9%, 2.900

Try something different from Italy tonight!