Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Labels

In an earlier post I described my Ba-gua Cube-inspired blog labels used to categorize posts according to my personal assessment framework.

For review, established labels (categories) are: 
  • Center: health, balance, physical, spiritual and mental fitness
  • Purpose: passion, career, motive
  • Introspection: spirituality, self-improvement, education, meditation
  • Support: family, friends, community, neighbors, church
  • Gratitude: reward, making, saving, investing, spending, giving
  • Authenticity: production, work, foundation, outreach, legacy
  • Receptivity: relationships, love, companionship
  • Joy: creativity, music, art, children, dance
  • Awareness: travel, helpful people, new ideas, gurus

I have not changed the assessment framework, but I have come to see the need for a bit more clarity in the categories. I have interests that span multiple categories. Now that I have so many posts, it can be hard to find posts about favorite, recurring topics like beer, statistics, measurement systems, or philanthropy.

Today I am adding four seven new labels. These are more topical. The Ba-gua Cube helps me answer the question, "How am I doing in my journey of personhood?" Those labels are still good for that purpose. The new categories give a bit more information about my interests. I want to cover all 9 areas expressed in the Ba-gua Cube, while drilling a little deeper in these four seven topic areas:
  • Food and Drink: beer, wine, spirits, and cooking--all with an eye to regionally available products and craftsman-like technique.
  • Visual Evidence: displaying data for analysis and decision-making 
  • Fun, Travel, and Adventure: Movies, motorcycles, music, camping, kayaking, photography, running 
  • Deep Thoughts: Philosophy, religion, politics, and economics
  • Rants: Occasionally, it helps to let off a little steam
  • Technology: Applied science, preferably artfully done
  • Humor: recognizing the important role of sharing a good belly laugh now and then while living a happy and full life.

I am also planning four new blogs at some point in the future. PhilosFX is an overarching blog about a wide variety of interests. However, I have noticed that successful blogs are more focused. People do not come to the Brookston Beer Bulletin to read about philosophy, fatherhood, art history, motorcycles, divorce, cancer, genealogy, politics, statistics, economics, movies, books, gardening, cooking, philately, travel, NCIS, golf, Calvin and Hobbes, AND beer.

  • Penta: National Security Strategy, National Military Strategy, International Relations, Globalization,  Macro-economics
  • Praxis: Value-Focused Thinking, Measurement Systems, Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Process Improvement
  • Prism: Investing strategies and portfolio management, investment math, sector analysis, risk management, optimization 
  • Pronto (Adventures in direct and multi-level marketing): Blastoff Shopping Network, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Rich Dad Investment Education, 4th Generation Six Sigma, eBay, CafePress

Note: last edited on 2 Oct 2011