Friday, April 15, 2011

Third Way | Fresh Thinking

Curious to know how your tax dollars are being spent? Enter the amount of your Federal Tax, and see how the money is distributed according to the current budget. It's like an itemized receipt for your taxes!

Try it here: Third Way | Fresh Thinking

Today, April 15th, is traditionally Tax Day in America (because of the weekend, taxes are actually due on the 18th this year). Here in the US our legislative leaders are also wrestling with some divisive budget issues. This website, Third Way, advocates a fresh approach to politics and policy. Data-driven decision-making can get us past the unproductive Left vs. Right ideological divide. The two-party system in this country has too-often produced partisan bickering, gridlock, and indecision. In contrast, such a simple thing as an itemized tax receipt brings the impact of policy decisions down to a very personal level. What an eye-opener! Fresh thinking...

Hat tip to Angelo.