Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remembering Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter

Long-time friend Angelo and I recently got together to celebrate our friendship and to commemorate the life of a man we both admire, the man who came to be known as The Beer Hunter. Michael Jackson was a British journalist with an interest in beer and a passion for sharing that interest with the world through his writing, speaking, TV shows, website, and mail-order Rare Beer Club. As the Beer Hunter, MJ inspired our mutual interest in Belgian beer and Cuisine à la Bière

Back in the mid-90s, Angelo obtained the VHS version of Michael's video series entitled The Beer Hunter. As new friends and neighbors living and working together in Germany at that time, Angelo and I enjoyed watching these episodes together and planning our beeriological excursions into Belgium. 

And so it was only fitting that Angelo and I should meet in a British-themed Pub for some typical British pub-grub and a pint (or three) of cask-conditioned ale. 

Our venue of choice: Public House No. 7 at 7 Corners in Falls Church

Angelo displays the cloudy cask on the left and the clear, foamy draft on the right.


Michael was only 65 when he died of a heart attack at his home office in England. He also suffered from Parkinson's Disease and diabetes. Though taken from us all too soon, he will live on in his many books and in the hearts of his many admirers.

Here are some things you can do to remember Michael Jackson, aka The Beer Hunter

Michael Jackson
March 27, 1942 to August 30, 2007
Rest In Peace