Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings from Mid-Town Manhattan where I am currently resting in post-feast bliss. Today was a day I will certainly treasure forever. As I am posting via Droid I will keep my comments uncharacteristically brief. Watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with Madeline, then took the ferry to the Staten Island home of our gracious host family, the Peritos. There we were treated with a wonderful home-cooked meal. There were 16 people around the table! After lots of laughter, fun, and karaoke, we finally bid farwell and returned to our hotel to reflect on the day and prepare for tomorrow's shopping spree and then our bus to DC.

So much to be grateful for today! Though we are far from home, we think of those deployed even further from loved ones such as those in harm's way and are grateful for their sacrifice. I am grateful for the good health and mobility that enabled me to share this spectacular day with my daughter. And grateful indeed for people like the Perito family who took us in, and made us feel at home. Life = Good.