Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For Elvis Costello Fans...'ve simply got to hear this!

You've seen Elvis' appearance on the Colbert Report, and you've listened to the brilliant Tom Ashbrook interview on NPR. All well and fine. But this new interview and solo acoustic concert at Avatar Studios is so intimate and enlightening, you will feel like you are right there in the studio asking the questions yourself. All the songs he plays have unique twists--different lyrics, new flourishes, and inventive endings. At one point, he plays a little guitar riff in lieu of the yodeling that you expect. The back story on songs like You Hung the Moon is fascinating.

Avatar is the studio in Manhattan where Elvis recorded North.  He is clearly comfortable in the surroundings, and the WFUV interviewer and studio audience provides just the right amount of support and stimulation for Elvis to create in the moment, giving songs off of his current album, National Ransom, an inspired new feel.

Elvis Costello Interview / Concert at Avatar Studios

Listening to a creative genius makes me want to write and draw and perform something.