Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Take it down a notch for America

We have just made it through the most expensive, and arguably the most caustic, election in our Nation's history. The ubiquitous negative campaign ads were, unfortunately, effective. This is unfortunate because we will undoubtedly see more of the same.

Despite all the hyperbole that accompanied a GOP rally in this mid-term election, Speaker-Presumptive Boehner has shown appropriate humility in his reaction to the bloodless transfer of power. Speaking of class, I wish more people could show as much class in victory as John McCain did in defeat. In contrast to the examples of McCain and Boehner, some of the honking and hoopla I've seen from partisan groups seems more appropriate for ringside at a WWE wrestling smack-down.

Politics may have devolved to theatrics in this country, but the actual work of public administration is still serious business. Anyone who has felt the heavy mantle of leadership would be concerned about interpreting the "will of the (short attention span, what's in it for me, blood-sport watching) people."

Steering the ship of state requires good judgement, sound rigging, a competent crew, and a bit of luck. We can still get where we want to go as a Nation, or we can lose focus and run aground. The cash-infused rabid rebel ruckus that characterized this election season is not helping.  Let's look at the issues, let's discuss them with our neighbors, let's let our elected representatives know what works and what doesn't. They'll listen, if they can hear. Let's take it down a notch for America.