Friday, March 6, 2015

The Day of the Dude

Today. March 6th, is the day we celebrate The Day of the Dude, for it was on this date in 1998 that one of the best movies of all time (and one of the 5 best Coen brothers movies) was released. I refer, of course, to The Big Lebowski.

Perhaps you will celebrate in one of the following ways (as suggested in The Dudespaper):
  1. Get together with like-minded Dudeists, drink white Russians, watch the sacred film, and go bowling.
  2. Spend it alone in your private residence by taking a bath with candles and tapes of whale sounds.
  3. Go to the beach (or the river, or the lake, or the swimming pool) with some pals and symbolically scatter the ashes of the previous year (suggestion: the ash from some naturally-occurring herbal substance will do).
  4. Get dressed up in your robes, shorts, sunglasses and sandals and pass out the Take it Easy Manifesto at your local shopping mall. 
  5. Organize a full-on Jackie-Treehorn style garden party.
  6. Set up a stand in a public area and ordain people into the Church of the Latter-Day Dude. Yes! If you’re ordained as a Dudeist Priest you have that power! You only have to get their name and their email address and email us the list. Or, even better – set up a laptop and a printer and do it for them right there on the website, then give them a free printout of the online certificate. People will definitely dig your style.

  7. Drive around while listening to Credence or the movie soundtrack and enjoy the occasional acid flashback.
  8. Make some strongly commendable Dudeist art and send scans of them to us for our online gallery.
  9. Go for a long walk and don’t answer your phone all day.
  10. Get a discussion group together to discuss The Big Lebowski, Great Dudes in History, Dudeist Philosophy, etc.
  11. Engage in a natural, zesty enterprise with a willing partner. Then tell each other about yourselves over cocktails and what-have-you.
  12. Go to In-N-Out Burger, or make your own.
Here at PhilosFX, we are simply going to offer a gallery of Dude-related art and memes for your perusal, interlaced among links to past posts. 

The 20th anniversary of this movie's release is only 3 short years away. What sort of creative celebrations do you suppose we could come up with in that amount of time?