Thursday, October 16, 2014

Calling all entrepreneurs! ROCK THE VOTE

Please do me a quick favor--30 seconds, max--and VOTE for my Aunt Georgena's AWESOME start-up proposal. She needs 250 votes total by midnight Oct 17, and she already has almost 200. 

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Chase Bank is offering $150,000 Main Street Grants to 20 small businesses with unique and powerful business plans. She has a great plan but she needs more votes for a chance at the grant.

Please help! To VOTE Click HERE  And then, share this information with friends who would be happy to support an entrepreneur. 

Aunt Georgena is a Trauma Specialist. Her business, Beyond Your Grief,LLC, is an educational healthcare company which helps people deal with grief. We all know someone who is struggling with an all-consuming GRIEF and my Aunt Geo can HELP!  But first we must help her get the 250 votes she needs for a shot at the $150,000 Main Street Grant

Please help! To VOTE Click HERE 

Georgena Eggleston teaches Conscious Grieving and Intentional Mourning so people can be transformed beyond their grief. Self-care is foundational to healing. Her dream is to help our country work through grief using an interactive self-care app. Georgena has published articles and book chapters and has a book of her own coming out in February. You can see her website, blog, and Facebook page. 

Please help! To VOTE Click HERE  And THANK YOU for reading, VOTING, and sharing!