Sunday, April 27, 2014

What do I know about love? (NaPoMo 27/30)

What Do I Know About Love?

What do I know about love?
     And how do I know what I think I know?


I learned from my parents
     that there is no love like a mother's love

I learned from my hormone-addled teen-aged mind
     that sex is powerful--but sex and love are not the same

I learned from the misery of my many failed attempts
     that unlike respect, love is given and cannot be earned

I learned from one who loved me unconditionally
     that hearts are not toys

I learned from one who got away
     that to be loved in return would be the greatest thing


I learned from one who satisfied all of my criteria  
    that love begins in the heart, not the head, 

in that order: heart, head, and hands--values first
    or it will not last


I learned from being alone in the desert that I am OK.
     I will always be at least OK but I am happier in love's oasis

I learned from one who discovered me on the desert's edge and nurtured me
     that love can heal a broken heart, restore faith, and instill harmony


If our outward appearances reflected the true quality of our character 
     my love sensei would be Miss Universe and none fairer than she

shining brighter than love's purest light
    and I would appear as a Big Fat Stupid Loser, hiding in the corner

But basking in my love's healing rays I am not a broken or irredeemable person
    rather, perhaps, just someone who 

still has a lot to learn 
     about love