Monday, April 14, 2014

Of Lying Liars Laying in Layers (NaPoMo 14/30)

Of Lying Liars Laying in Layers  

Layer: one atop another
Layer: one who lays 
Lair: one's secret place for getting laid

A bricklayer lays
another layer of bricks

[Yes, yes, I know,
bricklayers "place" bricks in "courses."
"Bare" with me here.]

"Won't you step into my lair?"
Said the Spider to the little Fly 
"I've many curious things to show you there."

[Spidey lies to the Fly
 to lure her to his lair--to lay her?]

“Oh no, no,” said the little Fly, “to ask me is in vain,
For who ventures into your lair
is fixing to get lain.”

At this Con-junction 
Let us do some Conjugation
Regarding this potential Conjugal-ization

Lay: to place an object in a position of rest
Laid:: placed an object in a position of rest
Lain: to have placed an object in a position of rest

"You lay something down,
and people (or Spiders) lie down by themselves."

Lie: tell an untruth or withhold a truth
Lie: to put oneself in a position of rest
Liar: one who utters falsehoods to get laid

The moral of the story (now we're getting somewhere)
Beware liars lying to lure lovely lovers
to lie with them, and in their lairs, lay in layers.

With apologies to true poet Mary Howitt, and
kind regards to superlative grammarian Mignon Fogarty, and
a knowing nod to the alliance of alliterative linguists, and finally
a fond adieu to my once sterling professional reputation.