Thursday, April 10, 2014

50 Miles of Haiku (NaPoMo 10/30)

It is amazing
what your body can reveal
about your mind's will.

--Rob Krupika

Today's NaPoMo inspiration comes from ultra-runner, poet, Democratic Virginia State Delegate, and all-around good guy Rob "Sounds Like Eureka" Krupika.

Rob ran a 50-mile Ultra Marathon in 2013. During his training for the event, he occupied his mind by composing haiku. Even during the event, he continued to observe the beauty and majesty of nature and of his place in it. He'd record his thoughts in a journal at waypoints along the 50-mile route.

The result? Completion of the Ultra, yes, but also a collection of 50 really interesting haiku--one representing each mile of the Ultra. The 50 Mile Art project now has a life of its own.

Rob's example inspired me to compose while running as a means of bringing body, mind, and spirit into a state of peaceful flow while moving through a potential flood of stimulation.  I distracted myself from worry and pain by thinking outside of my brain. During this month I will publish a few of my own poems composed while training for my first regular old marathon.

Moreover, Rob's poetry has inspired some beautiful art. Rob created colorful tiles, each containing one of the haiku from his collection. All the tiles together form a beautiful installation. Rob's installation piece was featured at Alexandria First Night celebration.

Rob explains his technique as he puts the finishing touches on a haiku tile

Individual tiles each contain a shoe print and a poem. All the tiles together male a shoe print.

A pair of tiles from the installation

April Ultra Running Magazine features some of Rob's writings and haiku from last year's ultra marathon.

Haiku Master Rob, today's #NaPoMo inspiration.

For more of Delegate Krupika's story of art and poetry, visit his 50 Miles Art site HERE