Monday, November 25, 2013

Which Wine Am I? Che Syrah, Shiraz

Does your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator correctly predict the type of wine that suits you best?

Most readers are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a popular interpretation of Jungian psychology that helps explain a person's personality in terms of individual preferences. The figure above illustrates the four elements which define 16 personality types. Most readers probably also know their individual MBTI profile.

The VinoLovers have added another twist on the MBTI. Their beautiful online catalog sorts the world of wine into 16 types. These types are then paired with the most appropriate Myers-Briggs types based on common personality indicators.

I agree with the write-up for my Myers-Briggs type, ENTP, and I do like Shiraz / Syrah. However, if we were to run this experiment the opposite way and choose personality type by preferred wine, I would be a Malbec-loving ISTP!

Why doesn't it work both ways? LOL

"If your life were a movie, would anyone watch?"