Friday, November 29, 2013

My Harry Potter Character? Sirius Black, the Inventor

Here is another creative addition to the MBTI series of posts! I enjoy these immensely.

I stumbled upon this infographic / fandom chart here at Geeks are Sexy:

My MBTI profile of ENTP matches me to Sirus Black. Great character, by which I mean, sexy, and great write-up, by which I mean flattering.

Using the clue posted prominently in lower right-hand corner of the chart Geeks are Sexy, I discovered a reference to the original work here at Tumblr:

Interestingly, the original poster (Emily) has a different alignment of characters to MBTI types. Under this author's estimation, as an ENTP I should be aligned with Fred and George Weasley.

Now I am not as fond of the Weasley twins, as I am not much of a mischievous prankster. I do not quite agree with the write-up in this referenced version, either. Playful, maybe, but I am usually more serious minded and I am a horrible liar.

It appears that Geeks are Sexy kept the concept and the character artwork by Makani, but developed new text which I believe, at least in the case of ENTP, to be superior.

Here is what Emily did with Sirus Black in her original:

Both authors have used the original concept, artwork, and fonts, but notice how the image of Sirus has been flipped in the subsequent Geeks are Sexy edition.

I suppose the bottom line to all of this is caveat emptor. 

Emily, author of the Blasphemmy [sic] blog on Tumblr, has created many more of these "Who Are You?" MBTI fandom charts. See the collection here:

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