Friday, February 16, 2018

Trunkworthy's Fourth 20: Elvis Costello's 80 Best, Least Remembered Songs

Two of my favorite things: EC the Beloved Entertainer, and a movie about The Big Lebowski

Greetings and welcome to PhilosFX. Today we feature a list of songs numbered 61 to 80. These songs are the fourth set of 20 in Trunkworthy's ongoing Elvis Costello Song of the Week program. The program showcases forgotten gems from the more obscure recesses of Elvis Costello's gigantic catalog.

Feast thine eyes.

By now you see the story behind the photo at the top of this post. Song number 79 on this list is EC's "My Mood Swings," which appears on the soundtrack for the Coen Brothers' 1998 hit movie, The Big Lebowski. Just one of many hidden gems in the Costello oeuvre.

I've listed the songs in chronological order by the date they were shared on Trunkworthy. But of course, another way of looking at the list is to sort the songs chronologically by when they were produced. The songs in the fourth set of 20 cover a range of 38 years, from 1979 to 2017. Jorge & Kevin, current hosts at Trunkworthy, took almost 400 days to add these 20 songs.

I don't know about everyone else, but personally, I am really enjoying this program! I'm sure a few fellow Costellophiles will appreciate my attempt to collect and display all of Trunkworthy's sporadic offerings in one handy corner of the web. Elvis has over 600 songs in his repertoire. If you disregard the most popular (and theoretically overplayed) 50%, that still leaves an incredible 300 songs to explore.

Here's hoping Jorge & Kevin keep on going! As long as Elvis is recording, and Trunkworthy is spotlighting, I'll be collecting and displaying here on PhilosFX.

On to the Fifth Twenty!  

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