Saturday, May 30, 2015

Trunkworthy's First 40: Elvis Costello's Best, Least Remembered Songs

Beginning 40 weeks ago, on Elvis Costello's 60th birthday, the boys over at Trunkworthy began a project I have been following very closely. Each week, they post a forgotten gem from Elvis Costello's vast catalog. And each week, I have been saving a link to the weekly Trunkworthy article

Trunkworthy cofounders Gary Stewart and David Gorman select each song, write a highly entertaining and informative description, and post a video. They have also created a Spotify playlist called Elvis Costello Songs of the Week, which currently has a mere 242 followers. I am writing today to call additional attention to Trunkworthy. and in particular to this fantastic Elvis Costello project. 

Without further ado, here is a table of the first 20 songs in the Trunkworthy collection of Elvis Costello Songs of the Week.   

Need more convincing? OK, here is a table of the second 20 songs--and there's plenty more where these came from!

Seriously great stuff! If you are already a long-time Elvis Costello fan like me, then you need no convincing. But if you are new to Elvis Costello, Trunkworthy is building a great selection of the prolific, genre-busting artist's best least remembered songs.

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