Thursday, December 29, 2016

L.I.N.K.S. (XV): Toward an Age of Oneness

L.I.N.K.S. that Lure, Intrigue, Nurture, Kindle, or Stimulate, Part XV:

Toward an Age of Oneness

Over the course of time I have published some thoughts on how to make the world a better place by moving toward a future age of Oneness. The idea is that evolutionary changes in the social fabric and individual DNA will be deemed successful in hindsight when they are confirmed to have contributed positively to increasing harmony, unity, singularity, or oneness.

A recapitulation of past posts:

For better or for worse, the arc of web development is moving humanity toward Singularity, which of course is another term for Oneness or Unity. In the case of technological Singularity, the harmony is achieved via a melding of flesh and blood humans and the computing power indistinguishable from the human mind.

  • Web 1.0: Networked
  • Web 2.0: Collaborative
  • Web 3.0: Semantic
  • Web 4.0: Integrated
  • Web 5.0: Singularity

A reasonable approximation of progress toward the Age of Oneness can be constructed by estimating the proportions of the global population that are in each of the five stages of web development. People who do not have access to the web run the risk of being left behind. I am sure some folks would consider that a blessing in disguise!

Conduct an Internet search using the search term, "moving toward oneness," and you will likely find links to books and articles such as these 10 gems:

Here is a list by galonsor with about 69 movies that deal with the Singularity theme. How many of these Singularity movies have you seen? Any favorites?

Are there any missing from galonsor's list? I find it odd that there is no mention of Blade Runner (1982) or any of the Alan Turing movies, such as Breaking the Code (1996) or The Imitation Game (2014). Others?

Please add your thoughts in the comments section, and thanks for reading PhilosFX!

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