Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Daughter the Squire

Walter Fitzgerald as Squire Trelawney in the 1950 Disney adaptation of 
Robert Louis Stevenson's classic pirate tale, Treasure Island
As you may recall, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a catchy little novel by the name of Treasure Island. Here is a synopsis:

"Treasure Island is the story of Jim Hawkins, a young boy who befriends Billy Bones, a dying pirate staying at his mother's Inn. When Bones passes, he leaves Jim a map to the hidden treasure of the deceased pirate Captain Flint. Jim brings the map to Squire Trelawney, a local nobleman, and Dr. Livesy, a physician who had been attending to Billy Bones. The group decides to hire a ship and crew to set off in search of Flint's treasure.
"Trelawney makes the unfortunate decision to hire one Long John Silver as the ship's cook, a man who also turns out to be Flint's former quartermaster - a pirate with an agenda of his own. Silver manages to get several other former members of Flint's crew onto the ship as well, and once the group arrives at Treasure Island, a battle begins over who will get the treasure."

The character of Squire Trelawney has been played in film adaptations by Nigel Bruce (1934), Walter Fitzgerald (1950), Walter Slezak (1972), Richard Johnson (1990) and Fozzie Bear in Muppet Treasure Island (1996). Now coming to the stage, the latest in a long line of nobles, my daughter Madeline as Squire Trelawney!

Oakton High School Theatre Arts presents: 

Treasure Island - November 12, 13, 14

Based on the masterful adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island is a stunning yarn of piracy on the tropical seas. It begins at an inn on the Devon coast of England in 1775 and quickly becomes an unforgettable tale of treachery and mayhem featuring a host of legendary swashbucklers including the dangerous Billy Bones, the sinister two-timing Israel Hands, the brassy woman pirate Anne Bonney, and the hideous form of evil incarnate, Blind Pew. At the center of it all are Jim Hawkins, a 14-year-old boy who longs for adventure, and the infamous Long John Silver, who is a complex study of good and evil, perhaps the most famous hero-villain of all time. Silver is an unscrupulous buccaneer-rogue whose greedy quest for gold, coupled with his affection for Jim, cannot help but win the heart of every soul who has ever longed for romance, treasure and adventure.

I can hardly wait!

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