Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi Day 2014

It's Fri-day Pi Day. Let's Par-Tay!

Great pic! Stolen from Angelique,
who stole it from Suzi Q,
who just found it, honest! 

I like to celebrate Pi Day (3/14) with

  • a little tribute to Albert Einstein, born 135 years ago today (March 14, 1879)
  • a few entertaining Pi(e) jokes, puzzles, riddles, or amusements, and
  • the annual review of PhilosFX blog stats

First: Albert. I've always appreciated Einstein's curiosity, his quirky sense of humor, his faith, and his quest for simplicity amid complexity. Here is his endearingly straightforward explanation of his Theory of Relativity:

Poster: Found on Google+

And now for some Pi...e diversions:

  • This is amusing: (Thanks, MG's Mom)
  • On the other hand, this is just baffling: (Thanks(?) DelBai, but what are we supposed to do with this information? ha!) 
  • A puzzle for you, adapted from one heard recently on NPR's Car Talk. 
Thirteen matches are arranged as shown in the attached illustration. The Roman numerals form an incorrect equation, namely, 23 divided by 7 equals 2. Move one match and one match only to create a correct equation. Using one match to change the equals sign into an unequal sign is rational, but there is a more elegant solution. Can you solve the puzzle?

Finally, this year's PhilosFX update. It's been a great year for PhilosFX! We just crossed over 111,111 unique visitors. I honestly do not know if that number is big or small, but it sure is interesting!

I do not know if my musings are helping or hindering anyone else, but I do know this: blogging does not change the world; blogging changes me, and then I change the world.

Keep on bloggin' on!

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Until next year, thanks for reading, sharing, and engaging! Now, let's go get some