Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012


  1. Reading and reflecting on your Christmas poem Dave causes me to feel…

    happy and sad
    wanting and content
    hesitant and certain
    fictitious and authentic.

    ….have I suffered enough to experience true peace, hope, love and joy?

    Do I really know what each of these themes of the Advent wreath mean?

    Have I genuinely experienced provable peace, honest hope, legitimate love and justified joy in my life up to now?

    I say not. I have been very lucky and fortunate to live a life brimming with much positivity and happiness. Possibly my interpretations and perceptions of peace, hope, love and joy are fabricated, too easy or not rich enough without experiencing the dread, emotions and scarring of terror, defeat, doom, death, despair and loneliness.

    What I can be sure of is that I am utterly grateful for everything life has given to me, taught to me, and shown me…and I Hope that I am at Peace with all the Love and Joy that I feel and embrace in my life enough to know it all is enough...and I will live in a way not to take peace, hope, love and joy for granted.

    1. Well said, Melanie!

      My mental model is based on the idea of a see-saw. There is a plank and a balance point. With experience, the plank grows longer. With the greater length, the potential swing also grows.

      I think balance is important.

      Perhaps it's possible to move the fulcrum and stay locked on the high side of Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy. If the palette of our emotions were limited to the positive, how would we then deal with such things as poverty, illness, violence, and hatred which surround us in the real world?

  2. Merry Christmas Dave and a wish for exuberant amounts of
    to you as well...as much as you can stand and embrace...on this very special day and every day of the year.

    Love ~
    Melanie Grace

    1. Such exuberance! I believe I now have roots enough to weather a mighty breeze.

  3. Peace, Dave.

    Happy New Year too!


    1. Same to you, Angelo--and to every member of the DeCecco clan!

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