Saturday, May 5, 2012

Twenty-One Thousand Views


 Fig 1. Days between view milestones (18, 19, 20, 21K views)

In the history of PhilosFX, it has taken as many as 78 days and as few as 11 days to gather the next 1,000 views. On seven occasions, all fairly recently, we have taken fewer than 20 days to cross the next higher 1K milestone. Discounting data from the blog's start-up phase, I drew an estimated trend line in red on Fig 1 above. The trend line has a slight downward trajectory. If the current trend continues, maybe we can get down to about 10 days per thousand views in a couple months. 

Dates when view milestones  (18, 19, 20, 21K views)  were reached

If views per day were linear, then the trend line on Fig 2 above would be a straight line inclining from left to right. The dots on the graph are uniformly higher from left to right, but they are also progressively closer together. The growth curve is exponential. 

I am not sure where any of this is going or what any of it means. For example, I have no particular goal in mind. I just write and measure and share what I observe. I'm sure there are blogs out there that garner thousands of views per day, or hour, or even per minute. Good for them! All I know is, I am learning, sharing, and having fun.

Upward and onward!