Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Concise Reviews of Super Bowl XLV Ads & Performances

Like millions of people around the world I joined some friends for some good beer (including Tuppers' India Ink Black IPA) and food (I made guacamole) in front of the TV for Super Bowl XLV. In recent years, the ads have been more interesting than the game, but this year, the game was quite entertaining. In my never even remotely humble opinion, the ads and performances ranged from truly spectacular to spectacular flops.

Did you have some favorite ads? Did you think some bombed? Here are my concise reviews of 21 ads and performances that appeared during Super Bowl XLV, in order of preference.

Stella Artois with Adrian Brody as a lounge singer -- PERFECT
Bud tiny dancer -- Great!
Bridgestone reply all -- hysterical!
Daytona fan (manhole covers, ferris wheel) -- Exciting
Chrysler with Eminem -- dark and compelling
Optima -- epic ride Bud Light product placement -- clever
Brisk with Eminem -- dude can sell some tea
Doritos grandpa -- appallingly funny
Black Eyed Peas -- LAME!
Snickers Rosanne Barr gets flattened -- she had it coming
Daily.com -- meh
Homeaway.com -- unmoved
Career Builder chimps -- whatever
Pepsi crotch shot -- poor taste
Doritos cheese sucker -- just gross
Go Daddy Joan Rivers -- weak
Best Buy Bieber Ozzie -- looks like a girl
Mini cram it in the boot -- Not a fan
Groupon (Tibet and Rain Forest) -- WRONG!
Christina Aguilera goofs up the National Anthem -- (gAg)uilera?