Monday, February 21, 2011

Chartsweep: Snippets of Billboard's Chart Toppers, 1956-1992

Here is something different: recognizable snippets from each of Billboard's chart topping singles from 1956 (Dean Martin's "Memories are Made of This") through 1992 (Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You").

Follow this link ( to find ready-to-play MP3 files.  Chartsweep, Part 1 covers 1956 to 1981 in 46 minutes of sound bites. Chartsweep, Part 2 is shorter at 28 minutes. I believe Hugo Keesing considers himself an archivist, but the way these songs are woven together is artful, in my opinion!

I learned about more about this from Jon Nelson's blog entry about his interview with archivist and teacher Hugo Keesing (HERE). I think Keesing's idea of playing these songs as a form of audio history is brilliant. In the interview, Keesing describes the slideshow of images he would play over the soundtrack so his students would get a fuller appreciation for the times in which these songs were atop the Billboard charts.