Thursday, November 2, 2017

Postlogue, Postlude, & Postscript: My 2017 MLB Post-season Prognostications in Review

Here is the update and close out to my Peerless Post-season Prognostication post for World Series 2017 in which I once again (erroneously) predicted that the Nats would win it all...

Yes, I had tried the same thing for WS 2016, calling for a Nats-Orioles championship and apparently, my enthusiasm over-rode my powers of observation once again... As we know, the Nats dropped their decisive game 5 with the Cubbies on Oct 12th.

I went on to predict the Dodgers and the Astros would advance to the World Series and picked the Astros to win. So, I ended up with 50% accuracy, if you buy my logic. That is a big improvement from the 33% rate I achieved last year.

Maybe next year, I can hit 100%! Go, NATS! #OnePursuit!

I wanted the National League to win the World Series, but more specifically, I wanted the Nats to go all the way. After the Cubs beat the Nats, my consolation objective was for the Cubbies to repeat as World Champion. Then the Dodgers crushed that dream. So, I decided to back the Astros.

As mentioned, I had some sentimental reasons for becoming an erstwhile Astros fan: Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard, Houston had never won it all before, Houston was the underdog, and the name "Astros" reminded me of my first Total Solar Eclipse experience (August 2017). 

I gave myself credit for picking an American League team to win, reversing my previous preference for the National League contender for a simple reason. The Astros were, until recently, a National League team! 

In fact, not only were the Dodgers and the Astros league-mates for 50 years, from 1962 to 2012, they also played in the same division, the NL West, from 1969 to 1993. The Astros joined the AL in 2013 to balance the leagues with three divisions of five teams each.

This Houston-LA matchup was not what many TV executives would have wanted. I think many ad agencies were dreaming of a coast-to-coast NY-LA World Series. However, and even though it took all 7 games, Justin Verlander and the David-like Astros toppled the gigantic Dodgers in dramatic fashion. 

And I loved it! 

But next year, 
give me the Curly W!

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